You shop. Amazon gives.

Published 12/08/2016

Do you shop at Amazon, or know someone who does? Each time you use Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to a non-profit organization of your choice. This program is free to use and easy to sign-up for. It's a win-win situation. With Amazon Smile, you have access to the same products and prices, and you can help support FHR in an easy and automatic way. 

Here's how it works:
1. Before you shop, visit
2. Sign into your Amazon account, or if it's your first time using Amazon, create a new account
3. Choose a nonprofit spotlight by typing 'Fellowship Health Resources Inc' into the box and click 'search'
4. Click the 'select' box next to Fellowship Health Resources Inc
5. That's it! Next time you're ready to shop on Amazon, remember to instead of so that you can help support FHR with your purchase