Wellness Trainings Help Members Reach Goals at Harbor House

Published 05/24/2018

At FHR’s Harbor House Clubhouse in Providence, Rhode Island, members are taking part in a number of wellness trainings aimed at assisting individuals in reaching a wide variety of health-related goals.

Recently, a graduation ceremony was held for individuals who had completed the Chronic Disease Self-Management Training.

“During the training, members learned about managing symptoms, getting a good night’s sleep, medication management, physical activity, making an action plan – just to name a few,” explained FHR Lead Registered Nurse Trainer, Jacinda Bragg.

One individual, Alicia, shared that this training made a major impact in her life – helping her to lose seven pounds in just one week.

“The training has helped me because it gave me good information on how to adjust my lifestyle and eating,” she said.

Some additional positive outcomes of participants included quitting smoking, eating healthier, losing weight, and better management of diabetes.

“Programs like this foster hope and recovery, and that’s what FHR strives to do every day,” added Bragg.

A special thank you to the Rhode Island Department of Health for making trainings like this possible.

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