Studio 35 artist's work to be on display at CARF International

Published 04/05/2011

CARF International recently selected one of our persons served on Cape Cod paintings for display at the CARF International headquarters located in Tucson, Arizona. Charlie Hunter's piece, entitled Profile of GE Hudson, was selected from close to 1,000 submissions received by CARF for consideration. Charlie currently participates in Studio 35, an Arts and Music program, which Fellowship Health Resources initiated on Cape Cod in the fall of 2009.

FHR's President/CEO Joseph Dziobek said "It has been my conviction for some time that although it is important to help people with mental illness stay out of the hospital, to be truly successful we must improve the individual’s quality of life as well. A variety of experiences throughout my 35 years with Fellowship Health Resources convinced me of the therapeutic value of integrating creative arts into the treatment plan of persons served."

He continued, "This thinking led to our organization’s launching of Studio 35, a program focusing on recovery through expressive arts, designed to enrich the lives of our persons served, our staff, and members of the local community. Although Fellowship Health Resources has successfully incorporated the arts and music into its services for many years, I felt strongly that the time was right to push the movement forward. Recognizing the importance of peer support, we hired Gary Hudson, an accomplished artist who has self-disclosed his diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, as an Art Instructor/Peer Mentor at our Bob Walker House program. Working side-by-side, Gary and persons served engage in distinctive projects while motivating one another and offering valuable peer support."

To date, Studio 35 has held five “coffeehouse” events showcasing the talents of persons enrolled in our services. These coffeehouse events have had singing, drum circles, art, and sculpture. The intent is to integrate Studio 35 activities into all Fellowship Regions and communities. It is truly heartwarming to witness Studio 35 in action. The Program fosters peer engagement and builds individual self-esteem in persons served.