Spring is in the air at FHR Maine

Published 06/15/2011


Blooming tulips provide a sense of accomplishment as an early sign of spring

BANGOR, MAINE – June 15, 2011 – Staff members and consumers at Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) have been anxiously awaiting the blossom of many tulips that they planted last fall at the Broadway House.

Resident Scott P. proudly displays the tulip garden at Broadway House.

Initiated by FHR staff member, Kathy Anderson, the tulip project began as a way to create a breast cancer awareness effort here at the Broadway House. Anderson realized that funds to participate in the official Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer awareness project were not available, but decided that money would not be a factor in determining the fate of the Broadway House’s garden.

With the help of her husband’s tools and equipment, Anderson started the project and recruited staff members and consumers to help dig and plant tulips in the Broadway House’s front yard. “I really enjoyed working in the flower garden, digging up the soil and putting the bulbs in the ground,” says resident Scott P.

The patience required of the gardeners while waiting for the tulips’ spring blossoms, could be compared to mental health rehabilitation – what is beautiful is worth waiting for. Consumers felt a sense of accomplishment after watching the first tulips bloom in the yard in front of them.

“Once they bloomed, I was happy that I helped,” says Scott P. “They’re nice to look at and it gave me a sense of accomplishment.”

The tulip garden is also an attractive addition to the Broadway House. “The pretty pink flowers make me smile,” says resident Kim M.

Staff members and consumers are aware that the blooming Broadway House garden represents an effort to spread breast cancer awareness. “The tulips are very beautiful,” says resident Anna S. “I feel that the premise of this garden that helps the fight against cancer is constructive. It makes a very supportive health statement to the community.”