Renovations in place at FHR Delaware

Published 12/14/2011

FHR Delaware receives help and donations from local organizations to update a group living residence

Georgetown, DE – December 14, 2011 –The Georgetown Group Living Home was the first program established at Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) in Delaware. Twenty years later, the home is “getting a face-lift.”

FHR leases the building from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Delaware. The program opened in 1989, and offers low-cost housing and support for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. This fall, NAMI, FHR staff, and residents decided that it was time to modernize the group living residence.

NAMI began with the exterior of the property, giving it more curb appeal. They cleaned out overgrown flower beds, planted new shrubs, roses, and perennials, and finished it off with washed stones. More recently, NAMI teamed up with Jansen Pharmaceuticals to paint the interior of the building.

While the residents were gone for the day, employees from NAMI and Jansen got to work. They painted the walls with fresh coats of ‘Rice Patty,’ ‘Banana Cream,’ ‘Lilac,’ and ‘Wisteria,’ giving the building a more home-like feeling. When the residents returned, they were pleasantly surprised. “It looks beautiful!” expressed one resident. “It’s so cheerful and feels like home.”

Group Home Director Teri Ysaguirre said that FHR Delaware is very grateful for the work of NAMI and Jansen Pharmaceuticals. “The place looks great,” she said. “Having everyone together at this time of the year, finishing this project, and receiving the generosity of NAMI and Jansen, was so inspirational to both members and staff.”

For more information about FHR Delaware, contact Regional Director Ken Donovan at 302-934-1861.