Programs That Build Self-Esteem

Published 07/13/2018

FHR’s Drop In Center and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Programs are pleased to share a creative project they’ve recently taken part in, aimed at building self-esteem and socialization skills.

“The Top Role Model Project acknowledges individuals at each program who aspire and continue to be exemplary members, in spite of obstacles and road blocks they may face in their recovery,” explained Dana Barnes, FHR Drop In Center Program Director.

The project involved setting up a back drop, learning poses, and taking one another’s photographs, as well as a voting component.

Participants felt empowered, confident, and excited to take part in something so fun.

Take a look at some of the beautiful photographs taken in our album on Facebook.

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Studio 35 is a creative arts program of FHR, which enables individuals to further explore the arts, art history, coping skills, and self-expression. By integrating the arts as a therapeutic approach, Studio 35 positively impacts individuals served, staff, and the greater community. This program helps individuals become more engaged in the community, reduces isolation, improves stabilization, and teaches both vocational and arts based skills.