Peer Support Services developing substantially at FHR

Published 02/24/2012

With a new Director in place, FHR’s Peer Support Services promote nationwide behavioral health transformations

Bob RousseauLincoln, RI – February 24, 2012 - Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) has kicked off its three-year strategic plan to expand Peer Recovery Services agency-wide. Most recently, FHR promoted Robert Rousseau, MDiv., MA, CPS, MHRE, to Director of Peer Recovery Services to coordinate the effort.

“There has been a nationwide shift in behavioral healthcare to focus more on wellness, peer support, and person-centered care,” says Director of Clinical Services Pam Daisey. “In using a therapeutic approach to recovery, there’s really no one better to empathize with consumers than peers who have been there before. Peer Recovery Services already exists very strongly in many of FHR’s nine regions; however, our goal is to make this a priority for the entire agency.”

The plan includes identifying specific needs, working with Quality Improvement to address these needs, training employees, and implementing various Peer Support strategies such as Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), already evident at FHR.

“Persons served use ‘WRAP’ to apply self-management coping strategies every day,” Rousseau explains. “FHR recently began offering WRAP for agency leaders and clinicians as well. The next 12-week WRAP training course will begin in March. It’s a very exciting time for everyone involved.”

FHR President/CEO Joe Dziobek completed a previous 12-week WRAP training course. “The WRAP model employs both thoughtful and practical strategies for use in the recovery process,” Dziobek commented. “WRAP tenets are valuable in promoting overall health and wellness.”

Recovery-based practices incorporate all aspects of a person’s well-being. “That’s where Peer Whole Health and Resiliency comes in. The pursuit of happiness is a journey for the mind, body, and spirit,” says Rousseau. “Our clinicians work with psychiatrists and peer support workers, as well as medical doctors and counselors, to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual.”

In his role as FHR’s Director of Peer Recovery Services, Rousseau will attend the 28th Annual Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Conference to present on Peer Whole Health and Resiliency at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in May.

“I do what I do because I’m a peer, and that’s the key. I once believed that nothing was possible and that I would never get better, but just like in the mission of FHR, I am now confident that everyone has the potential to rebuild their lives,” Rousseau says. “They just have to believe.”

For more information about Peer Recovery Services, please contact Pam Daisey at 302-745-1833.