Peer-run crochet class teaches patience, design, and creativity

Published 04/27/2012

Person served shares his hobby with peers in a Studio 35 class

Ocean State Outreach member Bob S., pictured right, demonstrates how to make crochet dolls to his peers.

Cranston, RI – April 27, 2012 – Studio 35, a division of Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR), provided a platform for expression for residents of Fellowship House. On Wednesday, April 18, individuals participated in a peer-run crochet class.

“We planned this activity as part of Studio 35 to expose persons served to an activity that they may be unfamiliar with,” says Regional Practice Manager Heather Spunzo.

Bob S., a member of Ocean State Outreach, was the class instructor for the afternoon. “Bob has been crocheting for almost 30 years,” Spunzo says. “He taught himself how to crochet and was very excited at the opportunity to share this hobby with his peers.”

During the class, Bob demonstrated how different yarns can create a finished crocheted doll. “Everyone did a really good job. We’re planning to schedule a second class to put the finishing touches on their projects,” says Spunzo.

“When I feel bored or disappointed, I crochet,” Bob explains. “It’s relaxing and it helps me relieve stress. I wanted to share this activity with my peers so that they could crochet on their own when they’re bored. It feels good to finish projects and I take pride in them.”

Staff admired Bob’s patience during the two-hour class. “He demonstrated that with patience and practice, everyone can complete a project,” Spunzo says. Migdalia, a resident of Fellowship House, requested to keep some yarn and a crochet hook to practice on her own before the next class.

For more information about Studio 35 activities in Rhode Island, please contact Heather Spunzo at 401-721-5910.