New FHR studio reinforces Rhode Island's vibrant art scene

Published 01/14/2013

Fellowship Health Resources Celebrates the Grand Opening of the Studio 35 Loft Space

Providence, RI – January 14, 2013 – Bright colors splashed across blank pages as laughter and an evident sense of positivity consumed a loft on Hope Street. United by the common interest of bringing a creative idea to life, FHR (Fellowship Health Resources) staff and persons served celebrated the Grand Opening of the Studio 35 Loft Space. Nicknamed, “The Loft,” the space will be used as a creative hub for FHR’s Studio 35 staff and consumers, as well as the Rhode Island community.

Caroline Gates, Studio 35 Artistic Leader stated, “Providence, known to many as a capital of artistic expression and creativity, is a community alive itself. Hope Street, part of this thriving community, is an exciting spot for the Studio 35 loft to be located.”

Studio 35, an innovative program of FHR, provides individuals recovering from mental illness and addictive disorders a valuable extension to traditional therapy. Located in all nine regions and seven states that FHR has programs in, Studio 35 enables individuals recovering from mental illness and addictive disorders to explore art through self-expression and creativity. 

Donna Pilkington, Rhode Island Studio 35 Coordinator, marveled, “Our creative hub consists of five separate spaces, each one purposefully designed to support a form of the arts. In our visual arts room, we have an open area with tables and art supplies. We also have a writing room, which is a quiet space meant for collecting thoughts, a music room with a guitar, xylophone, and keyboard, and a full kitchen for cooking and baking classes. Our living room is an area for fiber art, knitting, and reading, as well as for relaxation and to just be a part of the creative community.”

Based on the interests of consumers, a variety of creative classes will be held at “The Loft” each week. Persons served at the event expressed interest in ideas such as sewing, watercolor painting, and guitar lessons, among other options. In the spring, Studio 35 will also offer horticulture programs, and plant fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The full kitchen in the space will allow for culinary arts, including the preparation of these freshly grown ingredients.

As FHR President and CEO Joe Dziobek looked proudly around “The Loft,” he stated, “There really are no limits to this space and the Studio 35 program. This is just the beginning.” He added, “Because we now have a dedicated space for Studio 35, right in the heart of Providence’s art community, it has become more real for people here in Rhode Island. There is now a specific place for people to come to where they can enjoy art, be creative, have fun, and most importantly, work on their recovery.”

“Studio 35’s location in Providence will enable us to form close ties with talented artists, students at local colleges and universities, and volunteers within the community,” Gates added. “We are eager to join forces with all of those interested in sharing their expertise and creative expression with others.”

To learn how to get involved with the exciting new programs being offered by Studio 35, contact Artistic Leader Caroline Gates at 401-642-4431.

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