Maine employee recognized for Service, Leadership, and Commitment

Published 12/12/2011

Ryan Starkey receives “Recognition on File” certificate for going above and beyond the call of duty

Bangor, ME – December 12, 2011 – As caregivers working at Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR), employees do not always think about how they impact consumers’ daily lives. It is part of their job description to provide care and encourage growth each and every day. Some days are easy, and some days are harder.

Enjoyment, compassion, empathy, success, laughter, and disappointment are all in “a day’s work.” Success is measured differently in the mental health field.

Recently, Mental Health Counselor and Case Manager Ryan Starkey of FHR Maine was recognized for his contributions to the actions and growth of a consumer. Program Director Susan Buck nominated Starkey for a “Recognition on File” award for going above and beyond his call of duty. This certificate honors Starkey for his Service, Commitment, and Leadership.

“Ryan is truly one of the most compassionate people that I have ever met,” said Buck. “He worked very hard and did things not required of him without hesitation or being asked to do it.”

Recently, a Ralph Street resident lost a family member after a long battle with cancer. Starkey accompanied this resident to family visits weekly and eventually daily, providing normalcy for this consumer during a very difficult time.

“Ryan attended the funeral as well and the way he worked with this resident was truly amazing,” Buck said. “The consumer had the confidence to approach family members that he had not seen in a very long time.”

The trust that Starkey built over five years of counseling and interaction is what makes this relationship unique. Trust and other positive relationships have developed in this consumer’s life, and according to Buck, could not have been accomplished without the assistance of Starkey.

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