Kiwanis Club provides venue for Studio 35 artists in Phoenixville

Published 10/12/2012

Artists exhibit and sell artwork at Community Service Day

Phoenixville, PA – October 12, 2012 - FHR (Fellowship Health Resources) was one of 75 organizations to benefit from the Kiwanis Club annual Community Service Day at Reeves Park in Phoenixville.

Each year, the Kiwanis Club offers support to charitable organizations by providing venues to sell anything from garage sale items to pieces of artwork, music, and food.

Four Studio 35 artists from FHR Pennsylvania put their artwork on display at FHR’s exhibit on Community Service Day. Ray, Robert, Lonnie, and Lee all shared their work and sold a number of pieces to passersby.

While promoting FHR’s services, the exhibit itself was an opportunity for artists to share their own personal stories and involvement with the arts in recovery.

For more information about Studio 35 in Pennsylvania, please contact Regional Director Janet Stanley at 610-415-9301.