Home grown vegetables on the way at FHR Maine

Published 06/04/2012


Studio 35 flourishes at Ralph Street home

Bangor, ME – June 4, 2012 – There is no limit to expressive arts at Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) in Maine. Ralph Street resident Tim M. has taken his creativity outside by initiating a gardening project as part of Studio 35, FHR’s diverse healing arts recovery program.

Day Program Coordinator Sherri Grant says that Tim has shown true dedication to this project. “We went to the local nursery to purchase tomato and cucumber plants,” she says. “We prepared the soil with farming compost and Tim did all of the planting in the garden.”

“It’s a feeling of satisfaction,” Tim explains. “I’m looking forward to having fresh salad, especially with the tomatoes.”

Depending on the crop, Grant also shares that they plan on making pickles. The garden at Ralph Street is something that staff members hope to continue as a Studio 35 initiative. “Tim has just begun,” Grant says. “But this will hopefully turn into a project for many persons served to enjoy.”

As a therapeutic approach, Studio 35 represents a way for creativity to flourish. For more information about Studio 35 in Maine, please contact Brent Bailey at 207-947-9630.