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Harbor House Employment News


As seen in the May 2016 edition of The Wave Newsletter

Twice weekly, Harbor House holds employment groups led by Career Development Coordinator Nijah M. These groups focus on all aspects of job readiness for those seeking employment. Topics such as resumes, cover letters, interviews, job leads and barriers to employment are discussed in each group. Members enjoy participating in mock interviews and sharing their thoughts and opinions with fellow peers. Each participating member is also assembling a portfolio, which will include their employment goals, resume, sample cover letter and other helpful information. All topics within the employment group are aimed at supporting member ambitions and overcoming any hurdles in their path. It is the mission of the Career Development Unit to assist and support members in achieving their educational and employment goals every step along the way. See future editions of the WAVE for updates on our progress.

Harbor House TE’s Keep the Grounds in Shape
Contributed by: Peter R.

This spring, Harbor House members Peter and Jeremy are busy outside and in the sunshine keeping the grounds of 12 Bassett Street nice and clean. After a light winter of shoveling and salt-spreading, the two are taking on their weekly tasks for the transitional employment program at Harbor House. This program allows clubhouse members to gain short-term employment and earn a paycheck. Sweeping, shoveling and a little vigilance against trash and litter are only some of the tasks they perform regularly, as they regain a foothold in the workforce and take a great step on the road to recovery. Transitional employment is a central part of the clubhouse model, and these members working in the community are exemplary success stories on how to break the stigma of mental illness. If you see Jeremy and Peter make sure to say hello, and keep up the good work!