Gardening in Rhode Island

Published 06/13/2018

FHR’s residential/group living programs have been enjoying gardening this spring season.

“LaBelle House (in North Kingstown) has an herb garden that is tended to by one of their residents,” explained Jenevieve Sullivan, FHR Art Therapist/Program Director of Studio 35. “There is also a large focus on pepper plants, because the house really enjoys stuffed peppers and some tomato and squash plants as well.”

At Westwick House in West Warick, one area in the garden is dedicated to tomatoes, while a second area has basil and peppers, including a jalapeno pepper plant.

In Cranston at Fellowship House, two cherry tomatoes tucked in around landscaped garden plants have provided ripe tomatoes for the program to prepare healthy meals with.

Scroll through our pictures to see how our gardens look – and click here to read about how gardening, the arts, and all forms of creativity can positively impact recovery.

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