FHR Virginia brings Studio 35 into the kitchen

Published 08/10/2012
ICRT member Patrick, left, and John, enjoy the new Studio 35 cooking class.

A brand new cooking class at FHR Virginia incorporates elements of Studio 35

Arlington, VA – August 10, 2012 – After enjoying a month-long program earlier this year called “Cuisine Around the World,” members of Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) awaited future opportunities to get back into the kitchen.

“Cuisine Around the World” was a program created by Mental Health Counselor Sarah James to introduce members to different cultures and cuisine from other countries around the world. The success and feedback from this program encouraged staff to develop a Studio 35 cooking class.

Studio 35 is FHR’s diverse healing arts recovery program. “There’s no limit with Studio 35,” explains James. “The cooking classes that we’ve held so far fall perfectly into the category of creative, healing arts. Persons served find their success in cooking class empowering, and staff can definitely see a positive difference in their overall self-esteem and mood.”

Throughout the class, members have learned to prepare dishes such as Shepherd’s pie, Canadian Tourtiére, meatloaf, Greek salads, quiches, oatmeal, honey bread, cookies, and more. “We leave the decision of what to make up to the consumers,” says James. “They really enjoy picking something different to create in the kitchen.”

ICRT Program Director Julie Branch explains how staff and members incorporate Studio 35 into this class. “We’re excited that the artistic initiative at FHR allows consumers to artistically express themselves during the cooking and in the creative presentation of the meals.”

James says that the joy and benefit of this cooking class does not end once the meal has been made. “Everyone sits down to eat a family-style dinner together, which is just as wonderful as the class itself. It’s an opportunity to spend some time together and socialize, and it encourages the healing process.”

For more information about this class and other Studio 35 initiatives in Virginia, please contact Regional Director Larry Ferguson at 703-979-5077.