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FHR takes a lead with health and wellness program


Shape Up with FHR launches agency-wide for staff and persons served

Lincoln, RI – February 4, 2013 – FHR (Fellowship Health Resources) is making strides in health and wellness by launching its agency-wide healthy eating and fitness program, Shape Up with FHR. This program is sponsored by FHR all year, enabling staff and persons served to participate free of charge. Working closely with Shape Up RI, Shape Up with FHR promotes wellness and healthy choices through peer support. Working together, teams of 5-11 will compete in categories of exercise minutes, steps taken, and total weight loss.

“FHR’s Wellness Committee’s mission, represented by members from each region, is to promote a personal and professional culture that encourages physical and mental well-being at home and in the workplace,” said Jenn McKenna, FHR Benefits and Wellness Advisor. “We are thrilled to offer a year-long program to provide both personal and team-based opportunities.”

This will be the third year FHR participates in Shape Up with FHR, and teams are more excited than ever. Featured in Providence Business News as Rhode Island’s healthiest employer among organizations with 300-599 employees, FHR looks forward to utilizing its impressive accomplishments in 2012 as benchmarks to excel even further this coming year.

FHR President and CEO Joe Dziobek explained, “The effort of our staff and persons served was phenomenal last year, but I’m confident that this year we can do even better.”

FHR’s 2012 accomplishments, to be exact, include walking 43,051,636 steps, exercising 171,596 minutes, eating 19,987 servings of fruits and vegetables, and losing a collective 378.6 pounds. With team names like ‘Mental Health Superheroes,’ ‘Team Pound Busters,’ and ‘The Walking Alive,’ the competition is sure to be fierce once again.

This year, Shape Up with FHR participants gain access to new online tools through the Shape Up RI website, which can be found at www.ShapeUpRI.com. An enhanced platform, including social features, nutrition programs, mobile capabilities, and admission to free local events, are just some of the perks participants can benefit from. In addition, those enrolled can win prizes offered by FHR, such as a $250 gift card. Team captains are also eligible to win four hours of vacation time. Other incentives offered by Shape Up RI are weekly raffles, iPods, and fitness equipment.

“Thanks to this program, we are a healthier workforce than we were last year,” Dziobek added. “A healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce, and I’m confident that in 2013 the FHR community will achieve a new level of success.”

To learn more about Shape Up with FHR, contact Jenn McKenna, FHR Benefits and Wellness Advisor at 401-642-4409.