FHR supports Massachusetts Salary Reserve

Published 10/12/2011

FHR’s Clubhouse members actively support the salary reserve for human service workers in Massachusetts

Plymouth, MA – October 12, 2011 – Plymouth Bay and Fairwinds Clubhouse members of Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) have been participating in a recent Salary Reserve campaign to support clubhouse staff and other human service workers across the region. The Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition (MCC) has gathered support from clubhouses and mental health programs with hopes of influencing and empowering their local government representatives.

“The Salary Reserve would provide $28 million in funding to enable modest increases for human services workers currently earning less than $40,000 per year from their state-funded contracts in Massachusetts,” says MCC Advocacy Representative Eric Quist.

Legislators will vote on a proposed supplemental budget from the governor next week. “The proposed budget did not include this salary reserve,” Quist says. “But because of the intense advocacy, many legislators have been signing onto a letter to the House and Senate saying that they will support the addition of a salary reserve in the budget.”

Members from the MCC urge all Massachusetts clubhouse members and staff to support this reserve by contacting their local legislators.

“There’s still time; the best way of reaching state representatives before the vote next week is through phone calls and emails,” says Plymouth Bay Clubhouse Director Mike Cote. “You can call or email legislators in your local program area, as well as the community that you live in. That’s what our Plymouth Bay members and staff have been doing to show their support.”

“Fairwinds has also been a part of the Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition for quite some time,” says Fairwinds Clubhouse Director Karen Troup-Galley. “We’ve been going to the Statehouse, calling, and writing letters to support this campaign.”

Many legislators have already signed to support the Salary Reserve. “It’s not enough. The Governor and legislators have already supported other raises in state-funded salaries this year,” Quist says. “Health insurance costs have doubled in the past 11 years, and the last increase funded by the state was over four years ago. It’s only fair that clubhouse staff and other human service workers receive an increase as well.”

To find out the name of your State Representative, visit www.wheredoivotema.com/ bal/myelectioninfo.php. To inquire about whether or not your Representative is supporting the Salary Reserve, contact the Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition at http://www.massclubs.org/index.php.