FHR's Studio 35 Presents Season of Light

Published 11/27/2013

Youth musicians honored at the launch of first original single at red carpet event

Ellendale, DE – The musical talents of children took center stage as Fellowship Health Resources (FHR) hosted a Single’s Release Party for Season of Light, an original and upbeat holiday song. In collaboration with Kevin Short of Mid-South Audio recording studio and FHR’s healing arts program, Studio 35, youth receiving supportive services have had the opportunity to integrate creativity as part of their therapy, working together to write, perform, and produce music. For this group, these music sessions and camaraderie provide a crucial avenue for empowerment and self-expression.

“It gives them something positive to talk about,” explains Joe Dziobek, Director of Special Projects. “When you have a child that is kind of tentative, who is lacking in confidence and not sure of themselves go into a studio, sing a song, and get that applause and feedback from people, you can just see it – it is truly life changing.”

After months of rehearsing, the feel-good record Season of Light was born. The Single’s Release Party, held December 3 at FHR’s program in Ellendale, showcased the hard work of this youth group, and included a red carpet and autograph session for all of the musicians. 

“It was a great experience for me,” shared Nathaniel, a youth singer. “It felt good to get out my emotions, be around my friends, and made me feel special. I think we’re all doing a really good job.”

To create a cover for the single, individuals receiving services from FHR along the East Coast submitted holiday drawings, paintings, and watercolor images. The final design incorporates the creative work of over ten artists.

“The months of hard work and dedication of these kids has been culminated in this celebration, and I was proud to be a part of it,” added Kevin Short. “You can see it in the smiling faces and enthusiasm here today – this project is making a difference.”

All proceeds raised from this single will benefit Studio 35, and make creative programs like Season of Light possible. To download this festive single, visit the FHR Studio 35 CD Baby page at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fhrstudio352.