FHR recognized for valuable employment opportunities at Clubhouse

Published 04/23/2012

FHR honored by Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition

Plymouth, MA – April 23, 2012 - Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) received an award from the Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition (MCC) for providing valuable employment opportunities to the members of the Plymouth Bay House (PBH).

Plymouth Bay House is a member of the MCC, a nonprofit organization that focuses on finding sustainable employment, housing and education for the members of each participating clubhouse. “The MCC has an employment celebration each year to recognize employers who have given our members a chance and a place to work,” says PBH Assistant Program Director Cheryl West. “This year, we were happy to honor FHR with one of these awards.”

Over the past 12 years, 11 PBH members have been hired as FHR employees. This year, the MCC gave this award to FHR for hiring PBH members as van drivers. These drivers help other PBH members who do not have their own transportation. Responsibilities include transporting persons served from their homes to the clubhouse, driving members to medical appointments, and running errands for members who may not be able to get out otherwise.

“FHR recognizes that obtaining employment for some individuals can be an important part of their recovery,” says FHR President/CEO Joe Dziobek. “Providing PBH members with this sense of purpose is very gratifying for all of us as well. The hired employees have been doing a wonderful job and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

For more information on the MCC, please visit http://www.massclubs.org. For more information about employment opportunities at Plymouth Bay House, please contact Cheryl West at 508-747-1115.