FHR Pennsylvania launches Whole Health educational series

Published 08/29/2012

Fellowship Health Resources collaborates with Phoenixville Hospital to provide consumers with educational programming

Phoenixville, PA – August 29, 2012 – As the community partnership with Phoenixville Hospital continues to prosper, Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) develops a new educational series for its members.

Regional Director Janet Stanley and AnnaMae Galbraith, of the Department of Community Education at Phoenixville Hospital, coordinated this new program as part of FHR’s Whole Health and Resiliency model. This model emphasizes that successful behavioral healthcare services reach beyond the standard treatment for a mental illness or substance abuse disorder to consider all aspects of a person’s well-being during their journey to recovery.

The Community Education Department at Phoenixville Hospital has shown its support for FHR’s efforts to integrate behavioral and physical health by developing different programs for its staff and members. So far, the department has hosted three series of a smoking cessation program for both the staff and consumers at FHR. Future programming includes topics such as diabetes, nutrition, cardiovascular risk factors, and both men’s and women’s health issues.

In return for the programs provided by Phoenixville Hospital, FHR will present a series of programs discussing behavioral health topics at the hospital for community members.

The first of this series, presented by Stanley, will be held on Wednesday, September 19. The program will include topics such as commonly occurring behavioral health issues and treatment.

For more information about this program, or the partnership with Phoenixville Hospital, please contact Community Liaison Mariann Horan at 610-415-9301.