FHR Pennsylvania kicks off new gardening program

Published 11/06/2012

Individuals construct new Studio 35 initiative in Phoenixville

Phoenixville, PA – November 6, 2012 – Excitement filled the air as the raised garden beds in the backyard of Neil’s Place, a residence of FHR (Fellowship Health Resources), were almost finished.

“What started as a hesitant group slowly became a very excited group, and everyone wanted to try their hand at the construction and planting of the gardens,” explains Community Liaison Mariann Horan.

In coordination with the Chester County Food Bank, FHR Pennsylvania is pleased to offer this expressive arts program as part of Studio 35. Mary Kay, the instructor from the food bank, held an informational session to explain and plan the construction of the gardens.

On the big day, members from FHR joined Mary Kay and staff in the backyard of Neil’s Place to begin the project. The group built two raised garden beds, filled them with soil, and planted spinach. “Spinach can continue to grow in the colder months,” Horan explains. “In the spring, they will experiment with more vegetables such as kale and beans.”

“We’ve had an art program here in Pennsylvania for quite some time,” says Regional Director Janet Stanley. “We want to expand Studio 35 to include other forms of creative expression and hope to find some interested gardeners, just like when we discovered some talented artists in the art studio.”

For more information about Studio 35 in Pennsylvania, please contact Regional Director Janet Stanley at 610-415-9301.