FHR North Carolina participates in Planting Extravaganza

Published 04/11/2012

Local organizations support successful planting extravaganza at Fellowship Health Resources

Cary, NC – April 11, 2012 – Members of the Green Thumb Gardening Program at Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) were able to grow literally thousands of plants this season thanks to the generous support of many local organizations. Fairview Greenhouses and Garden Center and Whole Foods Market of Cary both donated supplies to make this project possible.

“Without the solid support of local community organizations like Fairview Greenhouses and Garden Center and Whole Foods Market, we could not have such a wide variety of successful outcomes,” says Ray Cowan, Director of Horticultural Rehabilitation.

Green Thumb Gardening Program members made phone calls to these organizations to seek assistance. “Due to a strong relationship with Fairview Greenhouses, we were able to jumpstart this program,” Cowan says. Staff members from Fairview Greenhouses visited FHR North Carolina for this planting extravaganza. “They told FHR members that they could plant whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted it planted.”

Whole Foods Market generously donated four bags of vermicomposting to add to the soil. On the big planting day, Fairview Greenhouses employees brought tools, soaker hoses, and other supplies necessary for the project. “The first planting experience was the strawberry patch,” Cowan says. “FHR members weeded, amended the soil, and replanted the strawberry plants from last year’s strawberry bed.”

The next opportunity was digging up raspberry canes. “Clients amended the soil for the raspberry patch and will repot these canes to sell them at Whole Foods Market and other locations this year,” Cowan explains.

Community involvement continued as Fairview Greenhouse staff assisted the Green Thumb Gardening Program in creating its first pallet garden. With hopes of creatively expanding FHR’s gardens, members will utilize pallets available from local businesses.

Finally, the whole event culminated with the creation of various indoor seed starting kits. “Over 1500 individual seed-starting cells began as a result of this project. Most of these plants have been transplanted, moved outside to portable hoophouses, and are starting to be sold to customers at FHR’s Whole Foods Market stand,” Cowan says.

Both of FHR’s outdoor hoophouses are completely filled with plants. “Although most plants will be sold, many clients are very inspired to garden where they live,” Cowan adds. “Money raised will benefit the Green Thumb Gardening Program and other FHR program necessities.”

Fairview Greenhouses and Garden Center staff said that they plan on returning for another project this summer. “These organizations make days like our planting extravaganza possible,” Cowan says. “The program continues to flourish and grow.”

For more information about the Horticultural Rehabilitation Program at FHR North Carolina, please contact Ray Cowan at 919-469-4843.


View the Green Thumb Gardening video here!