FHR North Carolina 'Making a Step to Recovery'

Published 09/11/2012

Studio 35 members create and sell custom-made artwork

Raleigh, NC – September 11, 2012 – Members of Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) are embarking on a new project as part of Studio 35. As FHR’s diverse healing arts program, the possibilities with Studio 35 are endless.

Most recently, members utilized their creative talents to design and sell an array of stained-glass stepping stones. Case Manager Angela Boyd says that this project has become a way for consumers to “make a step to recovery.”

Eager participants have designed anything from garden-themed stones with butterflies, frogs, and turtles, to a favorite sports team, mascot, or cartoon character. Prices vary depending upon the complexity of the design, and proceeds benefit the individual Studio 35 artist.

To obtain an order form or find out more information, please contact Angela Boyd at 919-573-6532.