FHR introduces Zentangle in Maine

Published 11/28/2011
Zentangle class
FHR Clinician Darin Knapp demonstrates Zentangle during the Day Program in Maine.

Residents of FHR Programs in Maine participate in a meditative art form

Bangor, ME - November 28, 2011 - "There is no right or wrong; everyone succeeds when drawing Zentangle."

Darin Knapp, a Clinician at Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR), encouraged participants of the Day Program to draw without limits in this particular art session. Inspired by leadership members of Studio 35, Knapp introduced Zentangle to FHR residents in Maine.

“Members of Studio 35 demonstrated Zentangle for staff at a clinical training day in October,” Knapp said. “I saw the benefits of Zentangle as a coping mechanism and de-stressor, and thought that this would be something that our residents here in Maine might enjoy.”

Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, the founders of Zentangle, say that the beauty of this art method unfolds “one stroke at a time” (www.zentangle.com). Experts believe that drawing individual strokes makes it possible for the artist to shift focus into meditation.

ZentangleAt FHR Maine, Knapp introduced Zentangle-inspired art with hopes that residents would embrace it. “Although some just watched while others participated, I think that overall, the class went really well,” Knapp said. “It’s relaxing to draw with very few rules and I think everyone could see how quickly the repetitive patterns became art.”

“One individual had a hard time beginning without having many rules to follow,” Knapp expressed. “She’s a very talented artist but will usually shy away from abstract drawing. Once she relaxed and sketched with simple, repetitive strokes, it was easy for her to create a masterpiece.”

FHR’s creative recovery model, Studio 35, encompasses this Zentangle art class as well as future creative efforts across all FHR regions. “Up until this point, there hasn’t been a huge Studio 35 presence in Maine,” commented Regional Director Brent Bailey. “At FHR’s Clinical Training Day, we learned that upper-level leadership members really hope to make Studio 35 more evident in all of our regions. Darin is taking initiative with this and is helping to incorporate Studio 35 within Maine’s programs.”

Knapp consulted with Occupational Therapist Diane Bergey before introducing Zentangle to FHR members. “We talked about different types of pens and paper, and different drawing styles and techniques so that individuals could derive a positive experience from this art form,” Knapp said. “There’s no limit with personal creativity in Zentangle. Your artwork is as intuitive as you wish.”

Future plans for Studio 35 in Maine include more art workshops and photography. “We just had two digital cameras donated to the programs, so we’re hoping to introduce photography to our residents, similarly to how we just started Zentangle. We’re all very excited to expand Studio 35 in our region.”

For more information about Zentangle, visit www.Zentangle.com. For more information about FHR programs in Maine, contact Regional Director Brent Bailey at 207-947-9630.