FHR implements WRAP for upper-level leadership and staff

Published 10/05/2011

FHR staff members participate in 10-week WRAP course

New Bedford, MA – October 5, 2011 - Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) held its first Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) course for upper level leadership and clinical staff members on September 22 at the FHR New Bedford Regional Office. This 10-week leadership course applies the values and ethics of WRAP for upper level FHR staff. This recovery model is currently used by FHR consumers, to utilize self-management coping strategies. “As leaders, they begin to create a WRAP for the workplace where they can reflect upon the programs that they offer,” says FHR Director of Peer Recovery Services Bob Rousseau. “Fostering personal responsibility, providing educational growth, encouraging self-advocacy, and creating support systems are just some of the topics focused on in this course.”

Rousseau and certified WRAP facilitator Maria Carlson are instructing this course, among the very first of its kind in the nation. “This is a giant step forward in creating a transformed mental health system that is wellness-centered and recovery-oriented,” Rousseau says.

FHR President/CEO Joe Dziobek, along with the three Massachusetts Regional Directors and 11 FHR staff members, participated in the class. “The WRAP model employs both thoughtful and practical strategies for use in the recovery process,” Dziobek commented. “Its tenets are valuable in promoting overall health and wellness. I look forward to developing my own with the techniques learned here.”

The second class on Thursday, September 29, examined the 15 values and ethics that ground and guide the facilitation of WRAP in either a one-on-one manner or a group setting. “An essential exercise in this second class is determining how the plan’s values and ethics are compatible to FHR’s PRISMMODEL for guiding the delivery of mental health services,” Rousseau says.

For more information about WRAP, contact Bob Rousseau at 774-634-7976.