Community partner provides stability, support to ACCESS Program

Published 07/11/2012

One local agency helps FHR members find a place to call home

Arlington, VA – July 11, 2011 – Thanks to the help of one local organization, members of the ACCESS Program at Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) are one step closer to maintaining a consistent lifestyle.

The ACCESS Program is a crisis stabilization program that aids adults who are experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis that could jeopardize their current living situation. ACCESS Treatment Team members work with consumers to avoid hospitalization by stabilizing the psychiatric crisis and mobilizing community supports.

Community support is significant to the stabilization process. Most recently, ACCESS Program Director Liv Salvador established a valuable relationship with the Arlingtonians Meeting Emergency Needs (AMEN) Program. “The AMEN Program financially assists residents in Arlington during emergency situations,” Salvador explains. “In the past, they have donated clothing, helped FHR members pay for medical prescriptions, and shown other acts of kindness such as this.”

AMEN Executive Director Geraldine Shannon has been instrumental in assisting FHR’s members in ways to best suit their individual needs. In June, the AMEN Program contributed to another success story at FHR. “AMEN donated $410 to an ACCESS Program member to assist with her move into an Oxford House in the area,” says Salvador.

Oxford House is a state sponsored, nonprofit program dedicated to helping recovering individuals achieve comfortable long-term sobriety without relapse. “The AMEN organization has graciously offered its assistance in the future, not only for ACCESS members, but for any FHR member who may be in need of some help,” says Salvador.

FHR Virginia is grateful for community partners such as the AMEN Program that contribute support for the stability of its members. For more information about programs at FHR Virginia, please contact Regional Director Larry Ferguson at 703-979-5077.

For more information about the AMEN Program, please visit