Colorful designs brighten the outdoors of FHR Maine

Published 07/23/2012

Studio 35 members create outdoor artwork with cement, tiles, and beads

Bangor, ME – July 23, 2012 – Before they knew it, a Day Program project at Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. (FHR) had turned into an exciting initiative for Studio 35 members in Maine. Day Program Coordinator Sherri Grant and Mental Health Assistant Jordin Lombardo collected supplies, while persons served brainstormed ideas for their very own outdoor stepping stones.

Studio 35 is FHR’s diverse healing arts recovery program. The idea for creating stepping stones began as an activity for the Day Program. “Materials were used from our own collection of any past crafts,” Grant explains. “We used small ceramic tiles, glass stones, and glass beads.” Staff purchased “Quikrete” cement and plant trays to create the molds for the stones.

During this project, Studio 35 unveiled itself as a therapeutic approach as well as an opportunity for participants to express themselves creatively. Both consumers and staff enjoyed creating the stepping stones. “John M. designed, created, and then placed his stepping stone at Broadway House. His stone looked like a smiley face when finished,” Grant says.

For another member, her time at FHR was like a stepping stone on the road to recovery. She will be leaving soon, but her stepping stone that she is leaving here remains as a symbolic remembrance of her time at FHR.

Stones now line the potted flowers at Broadway House and the garden at Ralph Street. Robert B. and Tim M. contributed to the homes’ stones, choosing tiles, beads, and the final location for the stones. For more information about the Day Program in Maine, please contact Sherri Grant at 207-947-9630.