Building partnerships in recovery through employment

Published 03/22/2017

(FHR Employment Unit Coordinator Lela Anderson and JP)

JP has been a member of FHR Anchor House in New Bedford, Massachusetts, for many years. During this time, he has always remained interested in working. Last year, JP proudly represented Anchor House by serving the community as a Donation Attendant at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Donation Center, or Pod. When his commitment to this transitional employment position had been fulfilled, JP expressed to FHR’s Employment Unit Coordinator Lela Anderson that he would like to find a competitive part-time job.

Together, JP and Lela worked on this goal, filling out countless job applications and following-up with interviews. JP remained confident and never gave up on his goal.

Today, FHR is thrilled to share that JP is employed at Walmart. He states that he truly enjoys his job.

“Despite his new work commitment, JP finds time to stop by the club to visit with Lela, other program staff, and perhaps most importantly, takes time to enjoy fun and fellowship with all of the friends he has made over the years as a clubhouse member,” said Scott McDuffie, FHR Anchor House Program Director.

Congratulations, JP! Your friends at FHR are very proud of you and your accomplishments!