FHR is an Elwyn affiliated organization.

Building Foundations – Recent Happenings


FHR North Carolina has had a very productive summer, taking part in a variety of different activities and events, including:

  • A trip to Duke Gardens, where FHR was able to enjoy the scenery and walk around to see a variety of plants, flowers, and trees, while exercising and working on social skills
  • A bi-weekly café cooking class, where a recent BuzzFeed recipe was made – one pan fajita pasta!
  • A bulletin board project, which was put together to highlight staff member Joel V., who has lost a significant amount of weight due to exercise and diet. “FHR consumers participated by posing for a picture of themselves doing different exercises done daily at the program, with the name of the exercise also posted,” shared Case Manager Natasha St. Fort
  • A visit from Stephan Youngblood, a community outreach director, who provided an inspirational concert, which led to everyone signing along

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