Achieving Goals Together at the Drop In Center

Published 05/24/2017

In North Carolina, the Drop In Center has been busy working together on a number of projects, with a focus on establishing an agreed goal, as well as a plan to implement it.

“Consumers have completed several goal related groups to work toward completion and have developed essential skills to increase preparedness for community engagement and integration,” said Travis Jackson, FHR Case Manager.

These activities have proved to be a success, incorporating themes such as positive thinking, social awareness, and community involvement.

One of these projects involved creating Easter baskets for those less fortunate.

“Being part of the art group at the Drop In Center, weaving plastic table cloths into baskets calmed our nerves. It helped us relax and keep our mind off our problems, and focus on how we can help others,” shared a Drop In Center member.

Another member commented that it felt good to be able to deliver the handmade baskets to The Salvation Army to children in need so that they too could experience an Easter tradition.

“We felt good to deliver the Easter baskets to complete our project,” a member added. “It felt good to accomplish our group goal.”

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