A place for comraderie, home-cooked meals, and more

Published 09/20/2012

Fishermen turn their bountiful catch into a homemade meal for fellow ACE members

Seaford, DE – September 20, 2012 – After attending, enjoying, and even leading some activities at the Acceptance, Change, Empowerment (ACE) Center at FHR (Fellowship Health Resources, Inc.), Sharon C. and Bert R. decided to give back to their peers in a way that staff members say will be remembered forever.

“Sharon and Bert went fishing one night,” explains Peer Specialist Jim Martin. “They came back to the ACE Center the next day with more than 50 croakers to share with their peers.”

Excitement filled the air as Sharon and Bert cleaned, washed, and prepared the fish. “We were just blessed that night,” says Bert. “We don’t always catch this much fish, but when we did, we decided it would be nice to bring them to the ACE Center.”

After prepping the fish outdoors, Sharon took her place at the stove to fry dozens of fish for lunch that day. “We’re always very busy at the ACE Center,” says Sharon. “So when I started cooking, everyone started onto their next project.”

The idea of the next project came from something within, Martin explains. As part of Studio 35, FHR’s diverse healing arts recovery program, members transformed old magazines and other paper into something new to share with others.

“Everyone who comes to the ACE Center doesn’t always feel so great about what’s going on in their lives,” Martin says. “We ripped up old pieces of paper and added them to water in a blender. Then, after squeezing the paper pulp through a screen and letting it dry, we created brand new, colorful paper. This wasn’t just an art project, but it was a way to transform something not so great into something beautiful.”

As the paper dried, Sharon finished cooking the fish for lunch. “Being able to share something with everyone to make them happy makes me feel happy,” she says. “I feel better when I can do for others.”

Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal of Bert and Sharon’s bountiful catch. “People were asking for more! It was so nice to hear that they enjoyed it,” Sharon says.

Activities at the peer center, like Studio 35 art classes, occur every week. “Paper-making, tie-dying, candle-making, and more,” says Peer Support Worker Heather Clarke. “Sometimes you may not always feel so together. But when you know that there’s something going on at the ACE Center, you know you have a place to be and people to be with. It’s great to see everyone enjoying the activities and interacting together.”

For more information about activities at the ACE Center, please contact Jim Martin at 302-628-3016.