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7 Ways to Stay Well This Winter


Colder temperatures and shorter days can make exercising and keeping up with healthy routines especially challenging during this time of year. Read our staff tips below for suggestions on how to stay active and well during the winter months. 

"One strategy that works for me is to incorporate activity into regular tasks - leg lifts while doing dishes, toe raises in the shower (be sure to keep your balance), or sit-ups while watching TV. Parking further away from the grocery store and starting the day with good stretches or yoga is a great motivator, too." - Julie P., Massachusetts

"The cold and snowy weather makes it easy to stay in and hibernate. Try to contact friends and family and make plans to get together, it can help the dreary weather fly by." - Heather H., Rhode Island
"If you get a gym membership, don't just use it in January - stick to it! Make it part of your lifestyle. Try to make friends and go together. Friends/family can be motivators as well as personal trainers that most gyms offer. If you can't afford a gym membership, try simply walking around the neighborhood. Getting out of the house is a good way to clear your mind." - Bethany J., Delaware
"Dress warmly and go for a 20 minute brisk walk in the early afternoon when the sun is high." - Jean L., Rhode Island
"The one thing I do this time of year is to force myself to walk, especially outside. It helps to keep my SAD in check as well as work off those holiday goodies and the wonderful soups this time of year brings!" - Debbie M., Delaware
"If you are unable to go to the gym and/or outside for a brisk walk due to extreme weather, most low impact exercises can be done at home. Just use a heavy book in place of hand weights for arms curls and shoulder exercises and on an edge of a chair, lift knees up slightly and pedal as if riding a bike.  Both can be done watching TV, streaming on your phone and listening to music on headphones.  Another alternative is yoga (basic stretches, on floor/bed and in the chair)." - Ken B., Massachusetts 

"A concept I love is what I call "hidden exercise." It's when you work up a sweat vacuuming or dusting, playing with the dog or your kids, or carrying the laundry up and down the stairs! The idea is if you work your body, any every day activity can be the workout that your body needs, without the pressure of "working out." I also say an activity you can do outside is the best because the sunlight helps to recharge our batteries." - Vanessa E., Pennsylvania

 The information listed above are the thoughts of individuals and does not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of FHR. Some responses have been edited for length or clarity.