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6 Reasons Why a Career Helping Others is Rewarding



March is National Social Worker Month. In your opinion, why is a career helping others rewarding?

"A career in helping others is rewarding as it is a mutually beneficial experience." - Nabila M., Pennsylvania

"Making my life's work about helping other people makes me happy because I like knowing that I helped someone accomplish something that they may have not been able to do without my help. I always hope that in doing so, I have also helped them feel like they can trust the world and everyone in it just a little bit more, too." - Nicole A., Massachusetts

"I think that a career in helping others is rewarding for many reasons, but the most important would be seeing the various strides of progress that persons served can make with community support. Whether it is supporting a person served at an appointment or advocating on their behalf, or just simply making a phone call to gather some information, the genuine thankfulness that we, as providers, often receive from some consumers for something that may seem so simple to us is a wonderful reminder of why I chose a career helping others. It continues to open my heart and mind to how I can learn, grow, and improve every day as well." - Brittnie C., Massachusetts

"I always loved people and knew that one day I would go into a career that allowed me to work with individuals every day. I am so fortunate that every day I go to work I have the opportunity to help someone identify and see the best parts of themselves. I learn so much from the individuals I work with and am challenged to learn and grow on a daily basis. We are given the opportunity to celebrate successes on all levels and there is nothing more satisfying than celebrating with someone the next step they achieved towards living the life they dream of." - Vanessa E., Pennsylvania

"To know that you helped change someone's life circumstances for the better is a reward. Also, it's rewarding when someone expresses how much you have helped them and you see them do well." - Mike B., Pennsylvania

"Working in the helping field is rewarding because it gives you a front row seat on a person's abilities and desires to grow and learn. We spend so much of our time goal planning and creating service plans and it is the goals that we continue to encourage, support, and teach our individuals to strive for. When they meet those goals or have successes along the way; it is that moment that is so rewarding. Just to know that you can make a difference in someone's world is worth it." - Danielle G., Pennsylvania

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