FHR is an Elwyn affiliated organization.
Maine Services

Our Services in Maine

FHR Wellness Center

° Outpatient Services 
Licensed professionals conduct individual assessments and develop person-centered treatment plans.

For more information regarding referrals, please contact Ashley Robertson, Director of Residential and Community Services, at 207-947-9630.

° Case Management (Community Integration Services)
Staff members support individuals with symptom management (such as developing coping strategies) and with connecting individuals to resources in the community (such as housing vouchers) to assist them in their recovery. 

° Daily Living Skills Support
Support is provided for those who have lost a skill due to a mental illness regain the skill in order to live more independently. This can include using public transportation, medication compliance, and developing plans for cleaning one's apartment. 

° Skills Development Services
Staff members assist individuals with mental illness in acquiring new skills, such as learning how to budget. 

° Community Rehabilitation Services
A step-down program for individuals who have been discharged from a psychiatric hospital or a PNMI (group home). It is a combination of case management, Daily Living Skills Support, and Skills Development Services. Staff meet with the individual being served daily. Goals for each individual are personalized to best meet their needs. 

For more information regarding referrals, please contact Emma Thomas Hills, MHRT/C, Lead Case Manager, at 207-949-2960.

Residential/Group Living Programs 
24-hour supervised residential support and treatment is provided for individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness. Services include housing, treatment planning, advocacy, daily living support, and crisis support. Additionally, these programs support educational and vocational opportunities and social supports, along with transportation.

Referrals for this program are made by contacting Patricia.Bickford@maine.gov.

Professional Development
FHR is committed to providing our staff and the community of mental health service professionals with quality training opportunities that meet state and federal guidelines and promote industry best practice principles, including CPI, CPR/First Aid, MHSS, and CRMA.

Please contact Ashley Robertson, Program Director, at 207-947-9630 for additional information and our training calendar. 

Studio 35
Studio 35 is a therapeutic arts program of FHR. Studio 35 enables individuals to further explore the arts, art history, coping skills, and self-expression. By integrating the arts as a therapeutic approach, Studio 35 positively impacts individuals served, staff, and the greater community. This therapeutic arts program helps individuals become more engaged in the community, reduces isolation, improves stabilization, and teaches both vocational and arts based skills.