FHR is an Elwyn affiliated organization.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Clubhouses

What is a clubhouse?
A clubhouse is a community center to support individuals living with a mental illness who may have an addiction disorder. Clubhouses utilize peer support to offer members a wide array of opportunities to achieve their full potential. These rehabilitative environments assist individuals in living self-sufficiently and provide support so that members can work together to achieve a common goal.

What types of services are provided at a clubhouse?
The services provided at clubhouses include: Support and Advocacy, Employment (Transitional, Supported, and Independent), Educational Support, Assistance with Housing, Entitlement Assistance, Studio 35, and Social Programs and Activities. 

How do clubhouses help individuals find employment?
Through business partnerships, clubhouses link members with jobs in the community, assisting them in the development of the skills needed to gain and retain employment. Both transitional and independent employment opportunities are offered, which range from a staff member acting as a sponsor to support a clubhouse member, to independent employment, in which the clubhouse member is solely responsible for his or her position.

What hours are clubhouses open?
FHR's clubhouses are primarily open between the hours of 8am and 4pm during the week, and have social hours on Saturdays.

How does a clubhouse differ from other day programs?
Unlike other day programs, clubhouses do not offer clinical or medical services. While staff can assist members in gaining access to the services they may need, clubhouses have been created as a place for individuals to be members instead of patients or clients.

Can anyone become a clubhouse member? How can I become a member?
Individuals interested in a clubhouse membership must have a primary diagnosis of a mental illness and be invested in their rehabilitation. Clubhouse tours are available to those interested in learning more.